a welcome from the founder of avalon


Hello, and welcome to Avalon. You found us!

Avalon is a field of wisdom, care, and empowerment created with and for humanity. Avalon is here to serve people ready to heal and take responsibility for their own growth, to manifest their gifts and potential. 

If you know you want to change something in your life — you feel a need to grow, to identify and refine your gifts, to heal, to explore more of who you are and your ability to connect freely with others — Avalon was created to be your island of possibilities.

We are proud of what we co-create in Avalon retreats — a safe grail of knowledge where we can fully meet our hidden shadows, belief systems, trapped energies, and traumas. (In Avalon, we use the word “trauma” broadly, for in our childhoods, we have all had the experience of being hurt by others in ways that had us give away some of our power, innocence, and beauty. And we carry the memory of this in our bodies and in how we relate with others and with life.) Our mission is to offer you a place for you to find your freedom, aliveness, and health.

Avalon is a place where we come to heal ourselves. Avalon facilitators and leaders do not work as therapists (we are not here to "fix" you). If you come to Avalon, you'll find yourself learning self-leadership and authentic relating. You will meet other beings with the same search as you — to find yourself and to find others.


Welcome to Avalon — a space to heal and transform in presence, togetherness, courage, compassion, and nature. Here we are free to cry, scream, and taste the joy of body, mind, and spirit. Everyone — every one — is needed in the collective healing field. As humans, we are all evolving, going somewhere — but there is no way to reach this knowing without willingly being in the "Not-Knowing Land" first.

Alanja Forsberg
Founder, Avalon


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