Alanja, founder of Avalon and lead facilitator of Avalon worldwide retreats and Surrendered Unity Leadership Training, is a professionally trained psychotherapist and co-author of a book on Integral theory. Her experience ranges from high-security psychiatry, directing theater, conflict- and business-resolution in corporations, and Integral leadership training for the Norwegian Army.

Alanja's vision is to spread a new leadership paradigm where, in Integral terminology, people gather to co-create from a transpersonal level of consciousness. Her passion is empowering individuals to realize their full potential in the world, for which she has developed powerfully effective practices to release trauma, shadows, and trapped life-energy in the body-mind-spirit. She is committed to radical honesty and unleashing the potential all humans have once they have experienced themselves as whole.

Avalon participants have described Alanja as wise, deeply present, healing, compassionate, and "unboxable".



As part of the Avalon core team, Tom has co-led all Avalon retreats with Alanja since 2016. Lead facilitator for Avalon leadership trainings, he also directs photography, film, and visual design for Avalon content.

A professional film-maker and globetrotter, Tom has devoted much of his life to self-exploration. His work draws on years of study of meditation, yoga, mindfulness, Circling (Integral relational practice), shamanism, circus skills, trauma work, and surrendered leadership.  

Tom’s passion is to encourage self-awareness, connection with others, and creative expression. Avalon participants describe him as deeply present, holder of the masculine space, powerful, and compassionate.



Tataya is a member of the Avalon core team, facilitates Avalon retreats and trainings, and manages operations and communications for Avalon.

After earning her law degree in Venezuela, she came to realize yoga as her passion and pursued her instructor certification. She and her husband, Thomas Radtke, ran a successful yoga studio for years, before Tataya discovered Integral practices. After experiencing the power of the Avalon process, she has committed herself to making this work available to others. 

Tataya brings sensitivity, compassion, and open-hearted playfulness in facilitating Avalon retreats and workshops. Participants describe her as intense and courageous with a keen intuitive perception and a capacity to stay present with others through intense experiences of surrender to both pain and pleasure. 



As part of the Avalon core team, Thomas facilitates Avalon retreats and trainings and is responsible for post-retreat communications, including hosting weekly community calls for the international Avalon community.

Thomas is a trained bodyworker and coach focusing on self-actualization and meaningful connection in professional and private relationships. His passion is growing a support network so that Avaloners can integrate the insights and healing they've experienced in Avalon retreats, into their day-to-day lives and to express their innate gifts and talents to the world.

Avalon participants describe Thomas as curious, enthusiastic, and full-hearted, combining an open-hearted innocence with compassionate insight.