The world needs you.


In the legend of King Arthur, Avalon was an island where wounded warriors came to heal and regain strength. Today's Avalon community is for individuals and groups to reclaim embodied self-empowerment — to learn the truth of our own creative power and human beauty so clearly that we know it in our very bodies.

From here we can become true leaders contributing our unique gifts for positive impact in the world.

For many of us, our past histories have led to self-limiting beliefs that make us shrink away from life and be less than we can be. In ways both obvious and subtle, we mask our true power and open-hearted compassion, from ourselves and from others.

When we wake up to the insight that we have no need to be in the drama of life, we're freed to choose to be creators, healers, and warriors for the light.

In Avalon, we invite you to experience and cultivate the awareness and self-responsibility that allow you to bring your gifts to the world — through radical self-acceptance, surrendered leadership, and authentic connection.


Alanja and her dedicated colleagues have developed ways that free a person to create a new future for themselves. So much can unfold now. 

I pray that Avalon’s Meetings and Pulses spread far and wide, as fast as possible. There should not be a school or church or psychiatric office without these tools readily available.”
Originator of Possibility Management, and Author of "Radiant Joy, Brilliant Love, and Conscious Feelings"


Avalon runs week-long intensives and workshops internationally (currently, in the United States, U.K., Norway, The Netherlands, and Gran Canaria, Spain). We also offer a 15-month intensive leadership program, periodic online trainings, and weekly online gatherings for all past and current Avalon participants.


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