FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 


how do i sign up for an avalon event?

  1. See our Events page for our upcoming retreats and workshops. 
  2. If you are new to Avalon, please contact us before registering to schedule an introductory interview; interviews are requested of each new participant before any Avalon event.
  3. If you've previously participated in Avalon, please confirm your attendance by contacting us here or through the Avalon Community Facebook page.  
  4. Confirm your registration with full payment or a partial deposit, by credit card or TransferWise. (This helps avoid fees from certain providers such as PayPal.)

I've registered. now what?

  • We'll send logistical details before the event start date (schedule, recommended accommodations for any days you need prior or after the retreat, etc.).
  • Once registered, you'll be added to a private Facebook group so you can connect with your co-participants. Trust, connection, and co-leadership are key aspects of Avalon. We encourage you to introduce yourself to your co-participants before your retreat begins.
  • Please alert us of any dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, allergies, etc.) as early as possible, so we can arrange for food service to best accommodate all requests.
  • Retreats are held worldwide (currently, across North America and Europe). We recommend booking air travel early and to book extra accommodation nights before and/or after the event if you wish.

AFTER AVALON, What happens next?

  • Explore with your group what kind of connection you'd like to have with each other after the event. You can arrange this during social breaks while still at an Avalon retreat, or after the event by email or social media.
    Avalon groups often meet online with their co-participants at least a few times after an event. (Some groups have maintained regular contact for a year or more.)
  • A private Avalon Facebook community is available to any Avaloners (past participants) as a way to stay in touch with this international community. 
  • A weekly online video call keeps our international community connected. Calls last two hours; you may join and leave a call at any time. You'll receive invitation details for these calls after your first Avalon retreat. Calls can focus on a theme, include a dharma teaching by Alanja, or be a time to connect authentically with the broader Avalon community.

    Avalon is a laboratory where we develop our own leadership. The Avalon model is not a therapy model. Our weekly community calls are a forum to support continued growth and healing based on self-leadership and co-leadership.

    We recognize the importance of integrating the self-development that can happen in an intensive retreat. Our weekly calls and Surrendered Unity Leadership Training are both designed to support this integration.