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Avalon Retreat - The Netherlands

  • De Horst 22 Meddoseweg Netherlands (map)

We are very happy to invite you to an Avalon week in Europe.

This Avalon invites people who have found their gift in life. People who have deeply worked on themselves, who stay clear in projections, who are eager to explore and willing to take risks, to take responsibility, to hold others in their process.
We invite people who work from abundance and come with a longing to explore surrendered leadership fully and have a growing curiosity to live in an expanding universe, in a space where the not knowingness unfolds itself.

At Avalon, we deepen our leadership and our gifts to humanity. We will work deeply within our realm of experience together, training on "meeting" as a form. In the evening, we will debrief as a group, cognitively seeing and understanding what we have witnessed or experienced during the day. It is going to be an intense week, and at the same time we really follow what is.

We explore the inter-connectedness of our youngest, most tender parts, and our greatest, spiritual potentials - and anything in between that may arise - in a symphony of co-creative forces playing from what emerges through the nature of the group.

We live this week in a co-creating and loving space for growth and exploration of the nature within ourselves, between us and around us. In this week we are on a journey together, everyone is needed and all included, every potential and shadow, golden and dark welcomed.

• The event will be held in Winterswijk in The Netherlands
• From 2:00 pm, Friday November 15th to 4:00 pm, Thursday November 21st
• Attendance is capped at 20 participants. Placement is granted on a first-come, first-served basis.
• An intake conversation via video call is required for each participant to be approved to take the course. Contact Nadja Claes at, to arrange your intake
• Total price for the week is € 2500. This price covers all your meals and lodging for the week.
• This Avalon will be facilitated by Alanja, Tom, Brigitte, Simon, Anne and Nadja

• Nearest airports are Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Dusseldorf, Germany
• You are responsible for any lodging before the event starts and after

If you have additional questions, please contact Nadja Claes via